“There’s Rosemary, That’s For Remembrance” – Flypaper Magazine

“A Spell for Protection” – White Stag Publishing

“Dragon Scales” & “Scorpio Rising” – Pussy Magic Press

“A Spell for Artists” – Sad Girl Review

“Love & Zombies,” “”Lycanthropy,” “The Harpy,” & “The Bloofer Lady” – Pussy Magic Press

“A Bowl of Morning,” “Sedona, AZ” & “Unspoken” – Mojave He[art] Review

“A Spell for Forgetting” – Venefica Magazine

“Planting by the Stars” – Wyrd & Wyse

“Time Stopped” – Blue Pages Journal

“The Emperor” & “The Lovers” – The Cerurove

“Three Visual Poems” – Rose Quartz Magazine

“Mother Holle, Or How Bipolar Disorder Rends The World In Two,” “Shared Trauma,” & “A Spell for Hope”  – Awkward Mermaid Lit Mag

“The House On Chicken Legs” – Rag Queen Periodical

“The Fall” – Cauldron Anthology

“Haunt” – Ghost Stories Zine

“Celestial Bodies” & “Thorns” – Rose Quartz Magazine 

“Siren Song” – L’Ephemere Review 

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